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Majority of customers rely on online reviews and community opinions before availing a service or buying a product. Review platforms like Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc. provide good insights about local business and institutions. For example, restaurants, automotive dealerships, dental clinics, hospitals etc. These platforms have organic opinions of genuine customers. That is what makes proper review management a mandatory exercise. Reviews can make or break your business. Customer care is an art. If done right, can do wonders to your business. As more and more people are coming online, importance of online review management is only going up.

'No matter how great you are at dealing customers offline, your competitor, even if they are doing a substandard online review management routine, they are eventually going to steal those customers who really should have been yours'

So, here is a list of things that you have to do to ace in online review management or online reputation management.

  1. Be efficient - Save time whenever and wherever possible aka use template replies.
  2. Do your homework - If a customer has left a low rating, learn about the customer and his/her past interactions with your business.
  3. Empathize - Communicate with the customer and let customer know that you are there for them.
  4. Resolve - Take necessary actions based on the customer's feedback.
  5. Follow up -  Contact customers multiple times if necessary. Make sure that the problem has been solved and the customer is happy with you.
  6. Ask for a favor - Request the customer to edit the review and increase rating.
  7. Broadcast - Leverage negative reviews to boost your image. Let the general public know about the actions that you have taken to make a customer happy.

Review management process : in detail

Continue reading to know more about steps listed above.

Step 1 - Be efficient

Typing replies for every reviews is a tedious process. That is why Cloodot has built in custom template replies option. Template replies can cut down the replying process time to a quarter or a tenth of what it would take otherwise.

Creating template replies in Cloodot

To use templates, all you have to do is type '/' (without ') in the reply text field. You will get a list of saved template replies. select one and the content will be automatically filled in the text field. Thereafter, you may add additional details if needed.

Selecting a saved template reply in Cloodot
After choosing from one of saved template replies in Cloodot

Try template replies in Cloodot now. Here are some review responses examples

Positive review response template

We are so happy that you are satisfied with the services that we rendered. The team at 'example fashion clinic' is thrilled.  Please visit us again. It would be great if you could refer our showroom to your dear ones. Looking forward to serve you even better the next time. We have some great deals starting next month. Do check it out.

Important points to note are

A. Show the world that you value your customer's words. Convey your happiness. Thank them. This shows that your business is built on positive culture.

B. Use your business name and your service domain. This can help you get highlighted in search results.

C. Market any upcoming deals or special services that you have. This is basically free marketing. So utilize it!

D. Ask them to do something for you. For example, Do visit us again, refer to a friend, etc.

Negative review response template

We are so sorry that your experience with us was less than delightful. We would like to know more about the issue that you had to face. Please contact us via or +999999999999. We will do everything in our capacity to rectify things and deliver a delightful experience. Eagerly waiting for a response from you.

Important points to note are

A. However harsh the review be, your reply must always be polite and empathetic. Apologize. Create a template accordingly.

B. Always provide a phone number or an email id for the customer to contact you. Do not add your business name or details like you do for positive reviews. This can also help you take the conversation offline, which is a safe thing to do.

Don't post reply yet. Take a look at step 2 before you post the reply.

Step 2 - Do your homework

Every organized businesses have a well kept customer data base. In it will be details of information about customer's past interactions with the business. So, the next thing you have to do is, do a background study about the customer and types of products or services availed. Ask to your colleagues if they know the customer and what went wrong on your side. Once you have data about the customer, you have to note it for later, because this will be helpful when you communicate with the customer. You can use Cloodot's notes feature to record your findings about the customer and possible reason for the review.

Adding a note on a review in Cloodot

Eager to post reply? Not yet. You have to do two more things before posting a reply.

A. Pin - Some reviews can be too detrimental for your business. If other potential customers come across it, there is a very high chance that the review will be 'stop' sign for them. So, you have to make sure that the issue is solved as soon as possible. Use Cloodot's built in pinning tool to mark such important reviews.

Pinning a review in Cloodot

B. Schedule - Use Cloodot's built in scheduler to remind you to follow up the customer in certain intervals.

Various schedule options in Cloodot

You can choose one of presets or set a date of your choice.

Scheduling for a custom date in Cloodot

All pins and schedules can be viewed later by using filters from filters menu available on the right hand side of the screen. Now you are all set to post the reply.

Replying to a google maps review from Cloodot

Usually, an email will be sent to the user notifying that their review has got a reply. Sometimes, the user may not notice that you have replied. In that case, you can edit the reply and repost it. Every time you edit the reply, a mail will be sent to the customer. Each time you edit the reply, make sure that you mention corresponding follow-up date. For example,

We are so sorry that your experience with us was less than delightful. We would like to know more about the issue that you had to face. Please contact us via or +999999999999. We will do everything in our capacity to rectify things and deliver a delightful experience. Eagerly waiting for a response from you.
Follow-up 1 - 14 May 2020 - No response from customer
Follow-up 2 - 21 May 2020 - No response from customer

Step 3 - Empathize and assure

If the customer sees your reply and calls you, be ready to serve them better this time. Be empathetic. Start by apologizing and letting them know that you are sorry for the kind of experience they had last time. Ask them about the problem, patiently listen and note everything down. The notes feature in Cloodot will come handy in this case.

Adding more info to note on a review in Cloodot

Assure them that you will enquire about the issue and you are there to solve whatever problem they have. Ask them about a time comfortable for them to attend a call back so that you could inform them about the progress.

Step 4 - Resolve

If the problem is not severe, take necessary measures without wasting any time. For example, if the customer complained about a faulty product they got, waste no time. Call them back and inform them that a replacement is arranged and they may pick it up at their time choice.

Step 5 - Follow up

If the issue requires more time to be resolved, inform them from time to time about the status. And do not forget to note everything down including the actions that you have taken. Use the scheduler to set upcoming follow-up dates.

Adding more info to note on a review in Cloodot

Step 6 - Ask for a favor

Once you have resolved the issue, you can call the customer again to enquire about the experience. Ask the customer if he/she is satisfied with the actions taken by you. Note the feedback down.
You have come to the finale. This is the moment for which you have been working and waiting for. All those effort would go in drains if you miss this last step.

Ask them if they could raise the rating and edit the review with positive wordings. Several studies show that  almost every customers edited reviews in favor of businesses. You can use Cloodot's review request feature to easily send your business's review link to customers via SMS.

Review request feature in Cloodot

Step 7 - Broadcast

Leverage negative reviews to boost your image

No matter how good you are at treating customers. Negative reviews are unavoidable. Such negative reviews get much larger exposure than positive reviews. So it is very important that you use the same negative review's exposure to market your top notch customer service. How? by documenting and broadcasting everything. Remember how we edited the review reply to get attention of the customer? This time we will edit it to communicate with other customers.

Adding more info to note on a review in Cloodot

Go ahead and edit the review reply for one last time. This time, you have to write a report of the entire exchange with the customer, leaning towards and highlighting all those positive actions you took to resolve the issue. See an example below

We are sorry that you had to go through a less than delightful experience. We have enquired in to the issue and took following measures.
Issue : Delay in getting necessary papers for vehicle registration.

Follow up 1 (Date)-  Contacted concerned government office to inform about the issue. Came to know about technical issues faced by the office and that is what is causing the delay. Informed customer about the situation. Kept the issue in priority list.

Follow up 2 (Date)- Sped up procedures on our side to make up for the time lost because of the reason mentioned above. Delivered the vehicle as promised.

If you look at the example above, it is clearly communicated that the issue was actually because of an external entity. Yet necessary steps were taken to deliver a delightful experience. When other customers read this, their trust in your business increases.

Review management tool

With Cloodot you can manage reviews from multiple channels like Google, Facebook etc. from one place. With advanced tools like those mentioned in the article, your review management routine will become efficient and economical. Signup now.