"Review replies were recently restored and should be available for use now. In the coming days/ weeks, we will try to gradually restore additional functionality (i.e., new user reviews, new user photos, Q&A, etc.). Functionality will expand gradually by locale and business category; we will continue to keep you informed. Thank you for your patience as we bring features back online." - Mail from google to Google API partners.

Functionalities are getting restored in GMB

COVID-19 is causing havoc all around the globe, many companies have restricted many critical functionalities in their apps and services. One such company is (or was) Google. Posting new reviews, replying to reviews and more such functionalities were either limited, or completely removed during the course of last ~25 days. But good news is starting to come out of the technology giant's GMB division. Yes, google is slowly restoring most of blocked or limited functionalities.

New reviews

  1. New reviews posted between 21st March and 8th April are not being updated. It is unclear whether the reviews will be updated or discarded.
  2. The update process seems to be extremely slow. Over 24 hours are being taken for new reviews to get reflected on google maps.

Review replies

  1. Review replies are now available. New user reviews, new user photos, new short names, and Q&A will gradually return by country and business category.  (Source - https://support.google.com/business/answer/9792336?hl=en)
  2. Currently, its only possible to reply to old reviews. But according to google, ability to reply to new reviews will soon be restored.

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What is still not working?

Newly created listings, claims and verifications - delay expected.

"Our support team will manually review new listings, claims, and verifications for critical health-related businesses. While we prioritize these critical services, please expect a delay for publication of new listings, claims, and verifications for other types of businesses to Google Search and Maps." (Source - https://support.google.com/business/answer/9792336?hl=en)

Business information edits - delay expected.

"We will temporarily prioritize reviews for edits critical to health-related businesses. At this time, we will also prioritize reviews for open and closed states, special hours, temporary closures, business descriptions, and business attributes edits for other verified businesses. Merchants should expect delays for other edit types while we prioritize these critical edits with our limited team. Merchants may experience similar delays when contacting support about these pending edits." (Source - https://support.google.com/business/answer/9792336?hl=en)